Research Director

Karre Laxminarayana

Professor Karre Laxminarayana was an Electronic Scientist and later Project Director at Defence Electronics and Research Laboratory (DLRL) and after 37 years of service he moved to academics. He was Professor & Head, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Shadan College of Engineering and Technology from 2003. He served IETE as council member and was elected as Vice-President in 2012. He is also involved in professional activities of IEEE where he coordinated the low-cost exhibits at B. M. Birla Science Centre, Hyderabad. He was the first President of the Cafet-Innova Technical Society (2007-2010), Chief Operating Officer at BRCORP (2012-2017) and honorary consultant to Indian Red Cross Society. He was presented with Best Senior Citizen Association Award in 2013 by the cabinet Minister for pensions, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Research Director

Amde M Amde

Dr. Amde M. Amde did his Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mechanics from Johns Hopkins University in 1970, Master of Science in Structural Engineering from University of California at Berkeley in 1971 and Ph. D in Structural Engineering from Suny at Buffalo in 1976. He has been involved in research in the area of structural stability for the past twenty years. His research has focused on stability of prestressed arches and large-size dome structures. His work has led to a proposed expandable, self-erecting composite structure for terrestrial and extra-terrestrial applications. He holds a U.S. patent for the proposed structure. Dr. Amde has also done some of the pioneering research on integral abutment bridges and jointless bridges under the sponsorship of Federal Highway Administration & of Departments of Transportation in Iowa and in Maryland.

More recently Dr. Amde has been active in research in the area of masonry structures. His ongoing research in the masonry area includes investigation into the use of polymer and other admixtures to enhance the properties of mortar, and numerical modeling of masonry. His other research activities have included investigation of turbine missile impact in nuclear reactor power plants, under the sponsorship of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and experimental investigation of the effects of lightning on concrete.

Research Director

Sattar B Sadkhan

Dr. Sattar B. Sadkhan did his Diploma in Radar and Wireless Communication Systems from Wireless and Radar Training Centre in 1974, Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Military Engineering College in 1978, Master of Science in Military Wireless Communication Engineering in 1981 and Ph. D in Detection of Digital Modulated Signals in 1984 respectively from Vojenske Academy Antonie Zapocky, Czech Republic. He also did another Diploma in Crytography from Crypto Company, Switzerland in 1988.

Dr. Sattar started his career as Lecturer in Military Engineering College and was visiting lecturer in six Iraqi Universities. He was later Director and Chief Researcher in Communication Research and Development Centre, Al Milad Company. He switched back to academics and was Postgraduate Lecturer and Head of Computer Science Department at Al-Nahrain University, Head of Scientific Affairs and Cultural Relations, Director of Research Centers on Babylon Civilization at University of Babylon. He is presently Scientific Deputy Dean for Information Technology College at University of Babylon and Research Director at BRCORP

Research Director

Shiva Das Sivasubramaniam

Dr Shiva Sivasubramaniam is Group Leader in Pharmacology, Admissions Tutor for all Bioscience courses and International Development Co-ordinator for Biosciences. He was earlier researcher in European Collection of Cell Culture at the Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research (CAMR). His main research interest is to investigate the underlying concept of molecular events that are associated with trophoblast invasion (and its control) as a model of tumour invasiveness. His laboratory focuses on the role of invasion specific novel factors such as cancer-testis antigens (CT antigens) and onco-foetal proteins during placental invasion. Dr Sivasubramaniam is investigating the molecular events / factors that are involved during placentation in normal and pre-eclamptic pregnancies. Dr Sivasubramaniam has been involved in developing several post-graduate courses to suit the needs of international students without affecting the experience of home/EU students. He has also developed innovative teaching techniques to educate under- and post-graduate students in plagiarism deterrence.

Research Director

Harsha Vardhan

Mr. Harshvardhan Erra is exceptionally knowledgeable & focused Waste Management Consultant with a strong record of client satisfaction and excellent attention to detail. Developed various models of Portable Biodigesters for domestic waste management. Skilled at handling corporate waste management projects and issues with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Worked with various Government Organizations of India like India Post, Food Corporation of India, etc in various capacities. Rendered Waste Management Consulting Services to household along with Government and Private Institutions.